Enjoy food! But -- at your lowest, natural weight.
Hi there!  So you know the things that you really need to know to actually be able to lose extra weight... 

1-week course!

{It's right for you only if you're interested in enjoying food at your lowest natural weight -- which, of course, you are (who isn't, right?).}

Sign up below, and then *check your email* to confirm your subscription (the course can't start unless you do the confirmation process -- sorry! Not my fault! It's the rules of the internets). 

You'll get 1 class in your inbox, each day, for 7 days. Each class walks you through the necessities for losing weight through enjoying food, but not in an icing-for-breakfast, shame cycle way...

In an, "AH!  So this is LIFE!" kind of way.

I'll talk to you tomorrow~  xx Laurie

PS -- you know this is free, right? Hooray ray, free stuff. Yay.

PPS -- this isn't fluffy, with random information that is not that helpful. This is the essentials, the stuff you absolutely need to know (I swear that I'm not exaggerating) to lose weight, and it is not what you're thinking.  If I'm yanking your chain, you lose nada (free and all) and you can just delete the emails. It won't hurt my feelings!

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